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Le mariage des LGBT


Same-Sex Marriage

結婚式とは、何が目的で、誰のためにするもの? そんな疑問から、この企画はスタートしました。男女の共同生活をオープンにすること? 婚姻届けを受理されること? 自分を生んで育ててくれた親のため? 子供を作って子孫を残すため? それとも、なにかのけじめ?


What is the purpose of a wedding and who is it for?  This project started with that simple question.  Is it for a man and a woman to establish a life together under the same roof?  Or is it to have a marriage recognized?  Do people have a wedding to thank their parents who raised them?  To raise children?  Or is it to take responsibility?

    At L’ecrin, we believe that weddings are a special moment to be shared by partners whom “one wishes to spend the rest of their days with.”  It is to embody the wish of two people who “understand each other when nobody else does.”

Du doute occasionnel, la chance.


Started with an innocent question,


One day, I was struck by a question "why are there no weddings for LGBT community?” during a conversation with a friend.  I didn’t think about it a lot then, but something didn’t feel right, and I became more and more curious about it.  As a wedding planner, I always wanted to “make many people happy.”  I felt ashamed when I realized that I was unconsciously targeting only heterosexual, male-female couples.  This is when I started to research more about same-sex marriage.

Si personne ne le fait, je le ferai moi-même.


If nobody is doing it, I will.


As I researched more, I kept asking “why?”  We have recently started hearing words such as “Stop discrimination” or “Be honest with yourself,” but there seems to be too many who don’t take account of sexual minorities.  Their individual biases—that they have nothing to do with this matter—allow them to pretend to care or simply to ignore it.  Once I could no longer count how many “whys” I wanted to ask, I started to think “If nobody is going to do something about it, then why don’t I plan weddings for LGBT couples.”

Quel est le problème?


What is the problem?


Whenever I approached a church, shrine, or wedding hall to talk about same-sex marriage, they always reacted negatively. They would say “there was no precedent,” or “we can’t do it officially, but maybe informally...”  I, as a wedding planner, was really sad to be told that these institutions do not hold the same values that I do. But for the LGBT couples seeking marriage, this indifference must feel hundreds of times worse than it did for me. I began to understand why it is so difficult to come out to the public. Just as I started wondering “how can this bother others when it doesn’t even affect them?” I happened to meet the chief priest of Shofuku-ji Temple.  

Le bonheur est satisfait du bonheur des autres.


Pleasure of celebrating people’s happiness



After speaking with the priest, he said “Let’s make this happen. Bringing happiness to people is a wonderful thing.”  Shofuku -ji Temple is a temple of the Jodo Shinshu Hongan-ji School, which has been discussing concerns of the LGBT community for about fifty years.  What I found amazing from our discussion was the definition of a Buddhist wedding; it is a ritual to thank all the ancestors who wove the strings of two lives together, and to choose a new path of their own. I was impressed by this perspective.

    Because nobody can really measure the pleasure of finding their soulmate, this reinforced my belief that everyone equally has a right to enjoy that joy to the fullest.

La profondeur du sein de Jodo Shin Buddha.


Broad Mind of Jodo Shinshu



Shofuku-ji Temple (正福寺) is a temple of Jodo Shinshu Hongan-ji School (Nishi Hongan-ji) in Saza, Kita Matsuura County, Nagasaki.  It started when the second son of Shofuku-ji (称福寺) temple in Nagahama city, Shiga came to Nagasaki in 1583 to spread Jodo Shinshu into the Kyushu area.  Since then, the temple has been the place for local people to practice their form of Buddhism for more than 400 years.           

    When people think about Buddhism, they probably have an image of strict religious practices. However, the teachings of Jodo Shinshu are both relatable and easy to understand.  For those ready to learn more, please take the opportunity to visit the shrine for yourself.



Matching dresses or tuxedos for your red-letter day?


We are known for out custom-made suits; we can tailor matching tuxedos for couples. Not only will they invigorate you during the wedding, but they can be kept as a memento of an irreplaceable moment for years to come. We can also prepare dresses with matching designs; we will custom-order dresses for rent on your special day.  Please feel free to ask us any questions about clothing options.



Same-sex marriage celebrated at Shofuku-ji temple of Jodo Shinshu


“We want to spend rest of our days together.” “They believe in me.”  “I have a faith in them.” --- A wedding is to embody these wishes and feelings and to create a special moment to share with your partner.  This is what we, L’ecrin believe a wedding is.  Why don’t you make a vow and celebrate your love here with us?

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